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Play Disney Princess Palace Pony
Play Disney Princess Palace Pony

If you thought ponies were just a name for a young horse you are wrong! Ponies are a type of small horse which is determined by measuring the "withers" (the ridge between the shoulder blades of a four-legged mammal), there are also several different types. When compared to horses their are distinct differences, such as their mains, coat and tail are thicker, they also have shorter legs, heavier bone structure and shorter heads with thicker necks. The name "Pony" is taken from the French word "poulenet" meaning a young foal or small horse but this isn't today's meaning because unlike a horse foal, a pony stays small even when it is fully grown, and that is where people who are not familiar with horses or ponies get confused. The ancestors of the ponies of today gained their small stature from their limited habitat and because they were more manageable they were domesticated and bred for work purposes, like cart pulling or a transport for children in the Northern Hemisphere. During the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain they were used as "pit ponies" pulling the coal out of mines.
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