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Play Cute Bear Salon Care
Play Cute Bear Salon Care

Did you know that Bears come from a mammal family called "Ursidae" and that they are classed as "caniforms" meaning dog like in appearance with their long snouts and nonretractile claws. Another interesting fact is that there are only eight different species of Bear around today but are widespread throughout the Northern hemisphere as well as some being found in the Southern part. The continents which Bears are found are - Asia, South America, Europe and North America. Similarities between today`s Bears are - big bulky substantial bodies, shaggy coats of fur, plantigrade paws (meaning they walk with their toes flat upon the ground) and short stumpy tails. Whilst six of these species have a omnivorous varied diet, Polar Bears are mostly carnivorous and the Giant Pandas eating habits are 95% bamboo! Another thing about Bears is that they tend to be solitary animals, with the exception of mothering their young and courting individuals. Another interesting fact is despite their big bulky form they are exceptional runners, swimmers and climbers! Come Autumn they also forage the large amount of fruits and find spots for hibernation like in caves and burrows, where they can sleep up to 100 days at a time!
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