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Play Pretty Pussycat
Play Pretty Pussycat

The Latin name for a domestic cat is a Felis Catus and they are described as small to medium sized carnivorous mammals more often than not with fur, though their are some species of cat which do not have any. Cats are usually kept has pets, included as part of the family and loved just as much as their humans around them. These amazing animals have flexible bodies to help with climbing and jumping, they also have sharp retractable claws perfect for hunting and teeth perfectly formed to eat small prey with ease. To help them with hunting cats have very sensitive hearing allowing them to hear sounds that us humans cannot, they can pick up on sounds too high and too faint in frequency that our human ears can"t, like small rodents! They can also see in pretty much complete darkness but have poorer color vision than humans. Some more interesting facts about cats are that - a cat can jump five times as high as its own height in one single jump and did you know that scientists are unsure how a cat actually purrs! Something else which is quite intriguing is that cats never "meow" to each other they just do it to communicate with us humans. In Queensland Australia the heaviest cat ever recorded was "Himmy" a tabby cat that weighed a massive 47 pounds! On the other end of the scale the smallest cat ever recorded was "Mr. Pebbles" a cat that only weighed 3lbs and was only 6 inches tall!
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