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Play Winter Bunny Dress Up Game
Play Winter Bunny Dress Up Game

Little adorable Bunny Rabbits have very sweet characteristics, they are fluffy with long pointed ears and long front incisors! They belong to a family of animals called the Leporidae and are found in several different places around the world as well as there being several different species of Rabbit like the Hares and Pikas. Their usual habitats are in grassland and wooded areas like meadows and forests, and live underground in holes named burrows, they also live in groups and when that creates several burrows it is then known as a warren. Some really interesting facts about Rabbits are as follows, 1 - that nearly half the world`s population of these beautiful animals live in North America, 2 - the Rabbit is one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac and they represent, compassion, tenderness and kindness, 3 - Rabbits can be trained, yes! Just like Cats and Dogs a Rabbit can learn how to jump in and over toys for tasty treats! 4 - When Rabbits sense danger they thump their back legs to alert the other Rabbits. 5 - When Rabbits are happy they will run, spring into the air, twist around their body and flick their cute bunny feet. Lastly 6 - Rabbits like shelter and things they can burrow in to, please don`t get one as a pet and leave it with no shelter it will feel threatened and one important thing to remember is that Rabbits should be kept in pairs, companionship to a Rabbit is everything without the company of another Bunny friend they will suffer from loneness and boredom.
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