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Play Baby Barbie Christmas Prep
Play Baby Barbie Christmas Prep

Christmas time is great! Joy all around and everyone in a jolly mood, but it`s also pretty hectic! That is why Christmas preparations and pre-planning are so important. I think everyone has some kind of Christmas checklist they tick off as they go along, I know I do, it helps harness the holiday cheer and not the holiday stress! It`s pretty simple to get on track for the festive season, it just takes a few deep breaths and a diligent plan, by being organised you can side track all of those bumps and side roads to pressure and have a streamlined simplified holiday ahead. Start your plan about six weeks before, and separate those weeks into different segments, there are six major activities which need to be done for the coming period! 1 - Party planning and going to events, have a whiteboard or a daily visible display listing all the gatherings you will be attending and organize outfits and travel arrangements for each one. 2 - Present buying, make a thorough list and stick to it, no random buying, it can be so easy to get sidetracked with all which is on show and sometimes we end up spending more than we should. 3 - Decorations, artificial or real tree? Lights, and if so, which color and where? Outside or inside or both! 4 - The Christmas Food shop! Yes we all go overboard but why not it`s only once a year after all but make a list of the essentials anyway and try to reign it in if possible! 5 - Christmas Day itself! Going to the family or having family to your home, it all takes a lot of planning from the food to the travel, after all this is what the season has all been about! 6 - Lastly New years Eve! It really is the night for everyone to get tipsy and be with friends and family, whether you`re going to a club or having a fireworks display, it is all very exciting and outfit planning and arrangements need to be done in advance, especially if you need to make bookings!
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