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Kissing has a rich and deep history first being mentioned in the Sanskrit scriptures roughly around the 3rd to 8th centuries, there it spoke of "touching" one another using their mouths. Even though this is the first we have on record of it being mentioned it doesn"t mean that kissing originated from India. What is really interesting is that kissing isn"t a natural universal trait, up until the 1500s no one in Asia, Europe or Africa kissed and didn"t do so until it spread around our cultures after Alexander the Great conquered Northern India in 326 B.C. But even now there are some cultures that do not do it, for example the Somalians frown upon it and the Sirono of Bolivia do not engage in it either. There are also other forms of kissing like the Eskimos; who instead "rub noses" and "inhale" and "smell" one another"s breath! There are several different forms of kissing including - peace, respect, love, affection, greeting and friendship however a lot more cultures have more kinds including the Germans who have around thirty different types! It"s estimated that around ten percent of the world"s populace do not kiss for several reasons like, being unhygienic and for superstitious beliefs. Despite kissing being of the social norm of the present day it still has been a very recent taboo in parts of the world, it was not until the 1990s that on-screen lip locking was allowed and in Iran if a man was to touch or kiss a woman who was not his wife he could be severely punished!
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