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Play Snow Angel Dress Up
Play Snow Angel Dress Up

I know lots of people see Summer as the season to have a great time but winter can be just as awesome with the right activities, forget "fun in the sun" and let's start embracing the Winter season and all it has to offer. The snow not only looks amazing whilst making everything seem magical somehow but it provides us with a plethora of adventurous and engaging things to do. Whether you are more reserved or a risk taker, there is some activity for everyone to be enjoyed when it snows! An old favorite is building a snowman, but why not push yourself this year, why not get creative and try and create some snow animals or an awesome cool igloo! Amaze your friends with this neat little trick - buy a child's bubble wand and watch the bubbles freeze on the wand as it hits 32 degrees fahrenheit. Another great family fun activity is a wintertime scavenger hunt, freeze some colored water into ice cubes and hide them around the garden amongst the snow, who will be the first to find them! And let's not forget sledging as it is one of the biggest activities when it snows but why not try something a little different this time, put that sledge away and get out those summertime pool inflatables, who said rubber rings were just for swimming! These are just a few examples of what we can do but there is so much more! Snowball fights, create snow angels, skiing and ice skating. I hope you are feeling inspired now this winter, I know I am!
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