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Play Modern Kimono Design
Play Modern Kimono Design

The Kimono is a traditional garment created and worn in Japan, with the word Kimono meaning literally - "thing to wear". They are usually straight lined garments worn down to the ankle, with intricate neat collars and widened long sleeves, the body part of the garment is wrapped around the torso, with the left side always overlapping the right, the only exception for this is when they are dressing the body for the deceased, then it is secured in place by the use of a sash named an "obi". Along with the Kimono a traditional footwear os also worn a geta or zori for example and white split toe socks. In the modern day Kimonos are more often than not just worn by women or for the use of a special occasion or event, men tend to only wear the Kimono at weddings or a ceremony of some sorts. We also see the sporting Sumo wrestlers wear Kimonos as they are representing their nation and wear the traditional garment in pride of their heritage. Quite surprisingly Kimonos can be very expensive, a women`s version can easily cost in excess of $10,000, including all of the accessories along with it like sandals, ties and obis. Men`s Kimonos tend to be less pricey as they are not as decorative or elaborate of those for women, not surprisingly second-hand kimonos is a huge business in Japan being able to pick one up as little as ¥500!
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