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Play My Country National Costume
Play My Country National Costume

National Costumes also known as "Folk Costumes" or "Regional Costumes" are outfits which are uniquely designed to represent a country or a period of time in history, they are also known to show religious and social status. Sometimes a country will have two different costumes, one for formal wear and one for everyday occasions. After the upsurge of national romanticism the peasantry of Europe became the norm for all what was desired and genuine, with their dress-wear becoming the "typical" form, being embraced by enthusiasts as part of their symbolism. In contemporary Western areas these fashions have become routine with traditional garments being worn at special celebratory events, more so with those attached with pride, heritage or cultural traditions. As it stands today there are times where traditional garments are required by law, for example like in Bhutan (South Asia) their traditional Tibetan-style clothing named "Gho" must be worn by all citizens, with toego and kira for women and kera for men. And in Saudi Arabia you will find that the women are also required to wear a "abaya" (cloak/robe) in public at all times.
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