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Play Hime Lolita Claire
Play Hime Lolita Claire

Hime in Japanese literally means Princess and combining it with Hime Lolita you get the fashion subculture featuring royal-esque and elegant clothing. This fashion style is another take on Himegyaru which focuses on a "princessly" trend crossed with Himelolis which leans more towards the Rococo period which was full of opulence and extravagance. Hime Lolita is a very exaggerated style with ribbons and frills with pretty floral designs and head-wear like tiaras and crowns! The hairstyle is another important factor in creating this look, it needs to be elaborate with big bouncy curves and is often worn in a updo style. When it comes to the makeup, it is often subtle using beautiful pastel shades but a huge focus is on the eyes and nails, using false lashes to make those eyes seem much bigger and beautiful and cute nail art in a kawaii fashion. Hime and its European aristocratic style boomed into the 2000s with a bang but the original Lolita look was said to blossom in the 1970s when famous fashion stores like Pink House and Angelic Pretty started selling garments which would be classed has this kind of style. But Hime isn"t the only take on this cute trend, there are several other substyles originating from Lolita like - Gothic, Sweet, Punk, Guru and Sailor just to name a few. I wonder what your favorite version is!?
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