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Play Stylish Scarves Dress Up Game
Play Stylish Scarves Dress Up Game

The scarf or scarves, are also known as several other names like a - neck wrap or a muffler! They have one sole purpose and that is to keep the wearer warm, whether it is worn around the waist, head or neck, the scarf is created to keep the chills at bay. This wasn"t always the case though, in old Roman recorded documents the garment was first described as being used to keep one"s self clean, its use was as a "sweat cloth" used by working men to keep sweat out of their eyes and off their faces and neck. Not soon after though, women started to wear them as fashionable accessories often made from the finest silks or the lush fabric pashmina! Though the scarf was first used as a fashionable item in Roman times it did not find its feet within the fashion world until the 19th century, that is when men and women both used the scarf as a versatile clothing accessory. The scarf also has an interesting history within many different regiments throughout many different countries, during the reign of Emperor Cheng scarves was used amongst the Chinese warriors to establish different officers of rank and around the 17th century in Croatia they had a similar use except it was the material used which determined status with the higher ranked soldiers wearing scarves made from silk! And even today we see British soldiers wearing "shemaghs" (which is a middle eastern square scarf created from cotton) wrapped around their heads and used to keep the sunburn, sand and dust from off their faces.
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