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Play Centaur Monster Girl

Centaurs are described as mythical creatures with having the upper body of a human and lower body of a horse. In Attic times (historical region of Athens), they are illustrated as having the hindquarters of a horse attached to them only but in later translations they are described as being joined at the waist to the horse"s withers. In Greek mythology it is said centaurs are born from Ixion (a king of the legendary people - Lapiths) and Nephele (a cloud nympth ), but in another version centaurs are said to be children of centaurs which have mated with Magnesian Mares. They were also said to inhabit the Mount Pelion and Magnesia regions in Thessaly along with the Foloi Oak Forest in Elis in the western part of the Peloponnese peninsula. As well as Greek Mythology they are seen in Roman times, an example of this would be a pair of centaurs depicted pulling a chariot for Constantine The Great! The earliest identification of these mystical beasts would be around the Bronze Age two fragmented pots were discovered picturing centaurs in the big haul of extensive Mycenaean pottery found at Ugarit. A beautiful painted terracotta pot showing a centaur was also found in the "Hero"s tomb" at Lefkandi. When it comes to centaurs the most common theory amongst historians is that the creature was created by a non-riding culture, these tribes were strangers to horses or ever seeing them being ridden and theory then suggests that such riders seen by them for the first time would come across as half human half animal.
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