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Play Fashion Studio Fairy Dress Design
Play Fashion Studio Fairy Dress Design

Fairy, Fairies or Fay are mythical creatures created in European folklore, they are often described as tiny with beautiful fluttering wings, a human appearance, magical and mischievous! It is told that Fairies went into hiding because of invading Humans so in retaliation they became pranksters but nothing to malicious! But to counteract their mischief charms of different herbs were worn to protect the human from their attempts and iron was also used as it is said to be like poison to the Fay. Another interesting change throughout history is, that they once were known as big, tall with a lustrous glow almost angelic like, it is also said that they can transform from being very small to human like inside much like Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan! What is interesting is that wings only seemed to be common in the Victorian age or later, it is rarely found that they have wings in Folklore, even the tiny Fairies were said to fly just by magic or on the backs of birds, unlike how we picture them today with butterfly like wings.
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