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Play Swimming With Dolphins
Play Swimming With Dolphins

Mermaids have such a wonderful and rich History, legend tells us that the aquatic creature has a scaled lower body resemblant of a fish and a torso of a beautiful female Human. They appear throughout our history in folklore tales in many different cultures through many different continents, including Africa, Asia and Europe but records show us that they were first mentioned in ancient Assyria an Empire of the Ancient Near East spanning the early Bronze Age through to the late Iron Age. In their fable it tells of a Goddess named Atargatis who transformed herself into a Mermaid out of shame for accidentally and innocently killing her Human lover. Throughout history there are many stories of Mermaids being connected to vunerable and precarious situations or being a status of a "unlucky omen" like storms and shipwrecks and many recorded sightings by sailors have been recorded, did you even know that Christopher Columbus reported that he saw these magical creatures whilst exploring the Caribbean!? Mermaids are also artistically carved into many buildings and monuments, England`s earliest depiction of a Mermaid is on the Norman Chapel in Durham Castle built by the Saxons around 1078.
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