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Play Tooth Fairy
Play Tooth Fairy

A tooth fairy is a magical fantasy fable which tells of a tale in which a fairy will leave a coin or two under a child"s pillow in exchange for one of their teeth once they have fallen out of the mouth, this surprisingly is still a tradition today and widespread in English speaking nations. Perhaps this custom came from early Europe where it was common practice to bury a baby tooth in belief that their next teeth would grow straight and strong, but when the 6th tooth fell out it was to be placed under the pillow for parents to give money in return for the tooth. In Northern Europe it was also custom of tand-fé (tooth fee) which was early recorded in Eddas a selection of poems. There are also several superstitious traditions surrounding children"s teeth, for example in the middle ages children were told to burn their baby teeth or they would suffer hardship in the afterlife, there was also worry of witchcraft, fearing a witch may get hold of your tooth and cause you trouble. Another superstition rife between Scandinavian warriors, is that they hung children"s teeth around their necks for good luck and protection in battle. It"s strange how traditions grow and adapt through the years just like the Easter Bunny and Santa clause and yes we know they are not real but every young child thinks they are and why not let them keep that little magic alive for as long as possible, after all, we all grow up so fast these days, let them have their make believe for just a little longer!
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