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Play DIY Leather Bow Bracelets
Play DIY Leather Bow Bracelets

Leather is such a flexible and durable material created by the process of "tanning" animal rawhide more often than not from cattle, it"s manufactured in many industries from cottage to heavy. Because leather is so versatile it is used for a wide range of purposes like - belts, hats, trousers, shoes, pants and skirts, but also used for furniture too as well as binding for books. There are several "tanning" techniques to transform skins or hides to leather, some of those are - "Chrome-tanned leather" developed in 1858, this procedure uses Chromium sulfate as well as other salts, this process usually takes around a day to finish and because of the agility and ease of it, it goes without saying that it is a popular choice. Next there is - "Vegetable-tanned leather" using the ingredients found in vegetable matter for the "tanning" this includes, wood, leaves and fruits as well as other similar sources. This process is the only one suited for making leather solely for leather stamping or carving, the downside is that Vegetable-tanned leather is not suited to water it discolors easily and can shrink when dried. Lastly we take a look at "Synthetic-tanned leather" a process created during the second world war when vegetable tannins were in short supply, this leather is white in appearance and uses aromatic polymers in its transformation to leather.
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