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Play Bead Smith Jen: Frozen
Play Bead Smith Jen: Frozen

Costume jewelry comes in all kinds of different forms and is manufactured to flatter the latest trends, the great thing about costume jewelry is that it doesn't need to be that expensive and the different designs are never ending, unlike with "real" jewelry which is often very simplistic and bought for keepsakes or investments. Another plus for costume jewelry is that it can be distinguished by the era in history it was made, for example - the Art Deco period concentrated on combining the mass production of costume jewelry with a touch of sensitive artistic design, during this period Coco Chanel released costume jewelry to complete one's outfit. In the mid thirties the age of retro began, causing a stir amongst designers who struggled with the "mass production vs art" dilemma, we also got introduced to more glamour and elegance and the use of plastics like Bakelite. The market also was primarily filled with American designed accessories as the war within Europe forced down many jewelry manufacturing firms. Come the mid 1940s the Art Modern era began just a few years softer World War II, jewelry then became minimized and more traditional in design, unlike the big bold and beautiful designs of the Retro period that was once at the height of fashion, just went out of style. We also saw a lot of precious stones being used like Opal, Citrine, Jade and Topaz.
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