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Play Decorate My Jeans
Play Decorate My Jeans

Denim has to be one of the biggest and most used fabrics in the Fashion industry, known for its sturdy cotton texture making it very versatile in its use! The most classic look for Denim is the "indigo" color which is the result of warped weaving with plain white threads. Interestingly Denim takes its name from the French word "Genoa" which came from the Italian word "Genes" which was where the first ever denim trousers were produced. When it comes to fading denim that is a fashion style all in itself with many people preferring jeans which have been worn and faded, second hand jeans are very popular and none more so than the very famous levi`s 501 jeans. There are several different types of fading like "Combs or Honeycombs" which are faded lines seen around the knee area, "Whiskas" which are described as thinly faded lines around the crotch area and "Train Tracks" a look produced when they appear on the outseams of the denim. Leading away from the original jeans as we know them colored jeans are also very popular coming in all different shades using a process of Sulphur dyeing as well as Indigo dyeing, but none are more popular in the present day as "Stretch Denim" is, skinny jeans are huge at the moment for females as well as males making original denim cuts like "boot cut" feel outdated!
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