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Play Tattoo Passion 2
Play Tattoo Passion 2

The art of tattooing is another kind of form of body modification by puncturing the skin with ink to stain the dermis layer. The word itself is borrowed from the Samoan word "tatau" which translates as "correct, workmanlike" but before we put name to this form of art it was known as simply by "painting" or "pricking". The name Tattoo was brought to Europe by a man named James Cook, a British navigator and explorer who when returned home in 1771 from his first adventure to New Zealand told in his written reports of an operation called "tattaw". Today their are several word references to tattoos like "inked" "tats" and "pieces" and tattoo designers are often referred as tattooists or tattooers. Today "skin art" is growing in support year after year, it is at it`s peak like never before when it comes to the mainstream, there are even prestigious art galleries which put on exhibitions of custom and conventional tattoo designs. In the present day there are five distinguishable types of tattoos recognized by the American Academy of Dermatology they are - traumatic tattoos which have happened from injury, professional and amateur tattoos both through the means to modern tattoo professional tools, medical tattoos and cosmetic tattoos which are done in the name of having "permanent makeup".
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