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Play Music Festival Venus McFlytrap
Play Music Festival Venus McFlytrap

There are several different kinds of festivals that we go to today the most popular being the music festivals like "Glastonbury" and "Reading" but what other kind of festivals are there and where did it all begin!? Not surprisingly many festivals have a religious beginning interlinked with cultural traditional activities, I guess the most important or well known religious festivals would be Hanukkah, Christmas and Diwali, then there are those which are seasonal like the "Harvest" festival and the summer`s "Solstice. Often important dates back in our history also give cause for celebratory events, a good example of this actually dates back to early Egyptian times when Rameses III created a celebration of their victory over the Libyans. But there are many different types of festivals pertaining to each country around the world, either connected to their history, cultural events and beliefs. Some other festivals which appeal to the masses would be "Art" festivals, providing a platform for personal creative achievement, whether it would be literary, scientific, musical or performing, there are also famous film festivals like "Cannes" and "Berlin International". The word "Festival" itself comes from old French Latin, it`s first ever recorded use in history was in 1589 and the noun was "Festifall", it is also connected to the word "Feast" which makes sense as majority of festivals are enjoyed around food!
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