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Play Madison Fear Dress Up
Play Madison Fear Dress Up

Fear is an emotion that we all try and avoid in life but still we will experience it several times in our lifetime, the raw emotion rears it`s ugly head at the most anxious of times, you could be fearing exam results, other people, phobias or a loss of a loved one, whichever way it appears in our lives we all have to deal with it the best way we can. Fear often has a closing down affect on us, we may experience feelings of wanting to run or hide away from day to day life, it can also affect our physical health as well as mentally. A study in 2005 asked a group of teenagers aged 13 - 17 what in life they feared the most, out of that study the top answers were Spiders, being a failure, violence, terrorism, death, war, the future and being lonely. When it comes to phobias the most feared from research seems to be - rejection, clowns, snakes, people, spiders, heights, intimacy and flying. According to other research some of the most common are evil entities like ghosts and demons, we also get a mention of enclosed spaces, needles, tunnels and water.
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