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Play Baby Barbie Tea Party
Play Baby Barbie Tea Party

Being English I am proud to say we do Tea Parties at our very best! It"s often a small formal gathering for a late afternoon tea of cakes and sandwiches like, precisely cut miniature cucumber sandwiches and biscuits, scones and buns. These formal Tea Parties are often distinguished by the use of eminence accessories like the finest bone china and silver table wear. The table itself is decorated with lavish material with matching plates, cups and napkins and if outside the use of a luxury parasol to protect oneself from the sun! Originating from the Victorian age in the United Kingdom, grand house"s Tea Parties were often a every day occurrence and were ran with precision by the household servants, who were always stationed outside of the room until rung for, when fresh dishes or plates needed bringing or taking away. There was also a less formal known Tea Party through the 18th-19th century called a "Kettle Drum" which historians believe originated from tea gatherings hosted by British camp officers" wives during the British occupation of India where they would use these "Kettle Drums" to host their Tea Parties on.
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