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Play Baby Madison Space Adventure
Play Baby Madison Space Adventure

The exploration of Space is an ongoing exciting discovery of celestial bodies in outer-space, which is ever evolving as technology grows. There are two sides to exploring the dark unknown, mostly it is carried out here on Earth by astronomers with super telescopes like those found in the Atacame Desert in nothern Chile and then there is physical exploration of the universe engineered with unmanned robotic probes and with physical Human space flight wherever possible. Whilst astrology predates reliable written history it was thanks to the building of rockets during the 20th century that allowed space travel to be a very big reality to the Human Race. The start of our space exploration started in the 1950s when the first man-made object USSR"s Sputnik 1 was first to orbit our Earth, in the next decade we saw Apollo 11 make the first Moon landing on the 20th July 1969 orchestrated by the Americans. But the Soviet Space programme dominated many of the first achievements where space is concerned like being the first to mission a human space flight and the first space walk by Aleksei Leonov.
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